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It’s snowing in Auckland

It’s snowing in Auckland

Snow is falling in Auckland and downtown Wellington as a ‘one in 50 year’ polar blast spreads across New Zealand.

Auckland Council this morning reported snowfall at the Arataki Visitor Centre in the Waitakere Ranges, while police confirmed snow had fallen in areas of Counties-Manukau .

New Zealand Herald readers reported snow in Drury, Waiuku, Clevedon and the Bombay Hills, and others have reported traces of snow amid rainfall in downtown Auckland, although others have dismissed potential snow flurries as pure sleet. has also reported light snow falling in some Auckland suburbs.

Its head forecaster Philip Duncan said the snow was mixed with rain and was not settling.

Mr Duncan said it was the first time snow had fallen in Auckland since the 1970s.

Meanwhile, snowfall is being reported in downtown Wellington.

Twitter users reported heavy falls in Newton, while Parliament workers have confirmed snowfall at the Beehive.

The bitterly cold southerly blast has now brought snow to most of New Zealand, closing roads, some airports and cutting power to thousands

Snow covers the hills beyond Lake Taupo in the central North Island. Photo / NZPA/Mike Millett


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