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Fiji and Pacific Island Cruise

Fiji and Pacific Island Cruise

Map of New Caledonia
New Caledonia

We had a wonderful time aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas this past two weeks. Our 12 day cruise was amazing. We had a bit of a rocky 2 day sail out of Sydney but it was calm seas once we arrived in New Caledonia.  Our first Port of Call was Lifou Island, which is part of the Loyalty Islands. It was a small island and was quickly overrun by two thousand aussie holiday makers. A quick walk over the other side of the island found a wonderful little bay with very good snorkeling.



From Lifou, we sailed to Port Vila, Vanuatu and we went dove on a sunken wreck Konanda. Which was my first wreck dive. It was a nice dive but wasn’t too much to see. Trevor wasn’t able to dive on it, which was a bit disappointing but was also nice to swim in the warm ocean afterwards.  In the morning we went for a walk to the cascading waterfalls. It was a nice trip out there but again, most of the ship was also there too. It was hard to escape hundreds of other guests from the boat.



From Port Vila, it was another day’s cruise to Fiji and the port of Denarau island, where we met up with Friends and went to a wonderful trip to a local mud Pool (before all the bus loads of other guests from the boat turned up). It was a great day after we finally managed to get off the ship as the tendering process in Fiji was terrible. Long waits and stupid people in the ship’s stairwells before we got off was a bit painful.

From Denarau, we sailed overnight into the port of Suva – Fiji’s capital city. The city itself is hot, muggy and smells. We only walked around the city for about half and hour before getting back on board again. The ship was docked at the main port and was taking on water and fuel, so that was interesting to watch.  We had been to Suva before, so wasn’t too worried about doing anything there.

Suva, Fiji
Suva, Fiji

From Suva we sailed back to New Caledonia and the Isle of Pines. This island was very pretty, located on the southern tip of the main island of New Caledonia and gets its name by the abundance of Pine Trees.

We spent time snorkeling at Oro Bay, on the islands Northern coast. It cost us a $25 dollar bus fare but it was well worth it to get away from the masses. Unfortunately my GoPro had a flat battery so didn’t get any underwater shots, but did get some nice photos of the island.

From the Isle of Pines, we sailed 2 days back to Sydney enjoying the time on the boat, as it was nice calm seas.

It was a wonderful cruise and we met some great people. The trip was just a great excuse to do nothing, from sitting around the pool, to having a few naps in bed. Just perfect.